We use a combination of flat rates for typical 1- page  Certificates* and flexible rates for larger volumes.

   Service                                   Rate                               

Standard 1-page Certificate*                  AUD 48.00 (Flat rate)

General text                                              from AUD 0.07 per word 

Specialised text **                                    from AUD 0.15 per word

 * e.g.,  Birth, Marriage, Divorce Certificate; Driver Licence,                    etc. Where the original Certificate is issued on more than
   one page, General text rates apply to the excess.

** Medical, technical, legal, etc.


  • Once the written acceptance of the quote is received, an electronic invoice with our Banking /Paypal details will be sent to you for payment.

  • We accept screenshots of payment receipt/s issued by your financial institution as proof of payment.

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